Distant and unknowable, the gods still influence daily life. The gods are called by many names depending on culture. The human names and symbols are presented below. Other cultures use different names and symbols and sometimes emphasize different aspects of a given god.

Name: A’tar (M)
Concerns: Magic, Knowledge, Wizards
Depiction: Human male in his prime, one hand wreathed in flame
Symbol: Hand holding flame

Name: Burselda (F)
Concerns: Natural Death, Wisdom, The Aged
Depiction: An old woman leaning heavily on a staff of bone
Symbol: Staff of Bone

Name: Fynion (M)
Concerns: Gambling, Luck, Adventurers
Depiction: A roguish-looking human male wielding a sword
Symbol: Sword

Name: Iodon (M)
Concerns: War, Conquest, Soldiers
Depiction: Armored man with stout shield and black-plumed helm
Symbol: Black-plumed helm, Shield

Name: Jibar (M)
Concerns: Oceans, Change, Fishermen
Depiction: A human male rising bare-chested from a wave
Symbol: Cresting Wave

Name: Liona (F)
Concerns: Farms, Fertility, Farmers
Depiction: A plain-looking female in rugged clothes carrying a plow
Symbol: Plow

Name: Mashasen (M)
Concerns: Wine, Celebration, Individualists
Depiction: A slightly portly man with grapes in one hand and a cup in the other
Symbol: A cup overflowing with grapes

Name: Miphates (M)
Concerns: Murder, Chaos, Assassins
Depiction: A skeletal human hand with missing finger bones
Symbol: Skeletal Hand

Name: Mitara (F)
Concerns: Law, Justice, Judges
Depiction: A blind woman with a stylized third eye in her forehead wielding a sword
Symbol: Stylized eye

Name: Nalfar (M)
Concerns: Darkness, Secrets, Thieves
Depiction: A heavily cloaked figure with no discernible features
Symbol: None (an unadorned tile or “blank” coin)

Name: Nymira (F)
Concerns: Physical love, Lust, Harlots
Depiction: A beautiful human woman in falling robes with a rose in her hair
Symbol: Robes, Rose

Name: Rammus (M)
Concerns: Wealth, Contracts, Merchants
Depiction: A fat human male with many arms, each dripping with coins and jewels
Symbol: Open Hand

Name: Sadareen (M)
Concerns: Wild Animals, Cycle of Life, Hunters
Depiction: Siamese twin with Uerthe, joined at the spine, male wielding a bow
Symbol: Bow, Bow entwined with leaves

Name: Uerthe (F)
Concerns: Wild Places, Balance, Naturalists
Depiction: Siamese twin with Sadareen, joined at the spine, female wielding an leafy staff
Symbol: Leafy Staff, Bow entwined with leaves

Name: Yssik (F)
Concerns: Disease, Corruption, Madmen
Depiction: Skeletal skull pouring snakes from its mouth
Symbol: Snake, Skull with Snakes


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